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Great challenges for a great company
Eletrobras focus on electric power generation and transmission, areas in which it is the absolute leader in the Brazilian market. The company also has great expertise in energy efficiency, because it is responsible for the execution of the National Electrical Energy Conservation Program (Procel). In 2008, the Distribution Board of Officers was created.
Eletrobras is responsible for 34% of Brazil’s total generation capacity, by means of 45 hydroelectric plants, 125 thermoelectric plants, eight wind farms and two thermonuclear plants.
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Eletrobras is responsible for 61,534 km of transmission lines and 257 substations.
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Brazilian Hydroelectric Potential - SIPOT|Isolated Systems|Modelo de Simulação a Usinas Individualizadas (MSUI)
Pedido de Financiamento - Acordo Caixa-Eletrobras
Energy Efficiency
Eletrobras is responsible for the execution of the National Electrical Energy Conservation Program (Procel), with the purpose of promoting the rational use of power energy and fighting waste. The program has funds from the Global Reversion Reserve and funds from international entities, such as UNO and World Bank.
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The Distribution Office has as goals unifying management, reducing operational costs and integrating the strategic planning of the distribution companies of Eletrobras, enabling gains in scale and optimization of efforts.
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Project Energia +|Eletrobras Distribuição Roraima|Eletrobras Distribuição Alagoas|Eletrobras Distribuição Piauí|Eletrobras Distribuição Rondônia|Eletrobras Distribuição Acre|Eletrobras Amazonas Energia
Eletrobras in the world
Leader in generation and transmission of electric power in Brazil, Eletrobras System begins to conquer the world. Its businesses start to cross borders with the beginning, in 2008, of the internationalization process.
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